My name is Stacy and I’m an amateur equestrian.  Dressage is my sport, and it is not for the faint of heart!  I’ve been riding for about 5 years, inspired to take my first lesson after a horse my daughter was riding began to intimidate me. When I began to lose sleep about that mare, I realized I needed to improve my horsemanship skills.  I do life on the daily, which means juggling my kid’s schedules, keeping the house from descending into disarray, working online, studying hard and, oh, trying to squeeze some riding lessons in too!  But, despite the chaos, I’m growing as a rider. 

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have been surrounded by fabulous horse gals and riders who have been a great source of encouragement during this quest to become a better equestrian.  I own Vivy, who is a beautiful 7-year old half-Friesian, half-Arabian mare.  As it sometimes happens in the horse world, the horse I own is not the horse I ride.  Vivy never recovered from a routine surgery, and after a year of various treatments and bouts of stall rest, she was officially declared retired. I continue the bumpy and incredibly rewarding experience of riding other people’s horses, while embracing the reality that things don’t always go according to plan…and that it can still be okay.

This journey has included everything from thrill of riding tempi’s on a Grand Prix schoolmaster, to the reality check of an unscheduled trip to the ER after being thrown while mounting.  Through it all, I continually seek out the tender companionship that only close partnership with a horse can provide.

This story is our story. The equestrians. If you love horses, then we share many of the same exhilarating and mundane experiences. I can’t help but love you for it :) and cannot wait to share this journey with you!